Financial Data Processing AML Client Due Diligence Outsourcing

Cost saving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for financial services companies

Experts on PE fund reporting obligations and CDD requirements

Effective financial data entry and analysis with timeless reaction to business unit requests

Highest data protection standards and bank-level IT security

Business process outsourcing
Swiss and EU Financial Data Center

APOG provides skilled resources for better decision-making and increased efficiency to address high-volume and time-consuming data processing in the field of Financial Data Management and Compliance.

Banks and financial market participants have been put under increasing regulatory pressure for the use of financial data analytics.
Today the focus is on the question how the organization reaches compliance effectiveness and whether the company’s management acts on the findings.
Our teams have assisted clients in financial data analysis for Private Equity fund reporting obligations and performing an array of tasks related to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and transaction activity scanning requirements under Swiss and EU laws and best practices.
APOG constantly improves, automates, and eventually takes the responsibility for the execution of a wide range of complex day-to-day operations.
Our key mission is to better understand the data we produce and address the impediments in advance of financial reporting quality defects and compliance failures.
While the cost benefits of a nearshore outsourcing to Poland look attractive, the value of data and its protection play first fiddle at our firm.

Cost Saving Team Leasing

As a team leasing audit-transparent outsourcing firm, we take care of your fixed repetitive, manual and operational back-office activities to let you focus on strengthening your core business objectives.
Our asset is our location. In Poland, average monthly salary is almost 60% lower than in Western Europe countries, allowing you to significantly reduce your company's fixed costs but at the same time keeping your back-office department close within the same Central European Time (CET) zone.
Our outsourcing contracts are ready-to-adjust and are carefully prepared by lawyers, experienced in BPO/SSC sector.

IT Security and Data Protection

We integrate with your business unit IT system. Your company is the sole admin of the data. We follow not only our own strict internal IT security and privacy information policies but also apply yours. Our company keeps controls in place prohibiting saving the data on the computer hardware, printing any documents out and using social media applications.
In order to evidence the work delivered, we use a dedicated system that captures only the number of working hours and type of tasks we complete, without using any sensitive data. The collaboration is secured, monitored, quantified and controlled at all times.
Alternatively, we are able to provide the outsourced services through our information security platform.

Experienced Professionals

We bring together experts to make sure you feel your back-office services are at good hands. The project managers have a customized and unique operational experience and regulatory knowledge last but not least in Finance, AML, CDD, KYC, QA, MIS and project management mastered in the financial institutions based in Switzerland such as: JP Morgan (Suisse) SA, Barclays Bank (Suisse) SA, Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA and Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA. Our pro-active approach, transparent communication and knowledge of your business, its corporate culture and Swiss & EU regulatory expectations are available for you at your table.

Individually Calculated Fee

We deliver holistic service or single project assistance. Let us help you decide how many people you need for specific project to meet required deadlines or buy-in all human resources of our organization for specific period of time. Verify if SLAs and KPIs meet your requirements. We are open for negotiations as long as we can build our collaboration on trust and crystal-clear arrangement.

Our mission and values

We believe that pillar of the outsourcing is a customer trust. Brand name and reputation are at stake when the business does not ensure it is compliant with regulations that includes privacy program framework, cross-border rules and contractual safeguards.

We do not take any risk in engaging in the business that we are not able to adequately protect and deliver.


We are proud to have in our professional experience corporate culture insight that have imprinted the core value in the way we conduct the business. Awareness is a baseline for daily duties we perform. „If people are not aware of what they are processing, they are also unaware of the consequences and liabilities that result from not knowing."

Our mission is to constantly train people on the awareness of the sensitive tasks they are entrusted to complete. With tone from the top, we hold employees accountable for following internal policies and procedures that make the organization integrated engine with clearly defined mission and values.