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AML Compliance and Financial Data Management Services

Founded by former Swiss bank executives

Access to highly skilled and cost-effective personnel in Poland

Highest standards in processing sensitive data

Business process outsourcing
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APOG provides access to highly qualified and cost-effective personnel in Poland to assist with AML Compliance and Financial Data Management.

In AML Compliance, our team of certified AML experts offers AML outsourcing services for financial institutions, Crypto-Asset Service Providers (CASPs), Crypto-Assets Issuers and other obliged entities. 

We plug-in Compliance Officers (CO), Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO), and Auditors with +10 years experience in leading KYC, KYT, and KYB complex investigations, remediations, and audits. We have a proven record of high-quality SAR/STR filings, cooperating with local supervisory authoritiesregulators, and auditors.

To keep up-to-date, we provide AML/CFT mandatory trainings and lectures at the Poznan University of Ecconomics and Business.

In Private Equity (PE), APOG improvesautomates, and takes over time-consuming tasks related to portfolio monitoring and fund reporting obligations.

AML Compliance and Financial Data Management Services
Cost Saving Solution

Decrease fixed costs and concentrate on developing your key business objectives.

Reduce IT, G&A expenses and salaries while retaining your back-office staff in the same time zone.

IT Security and Data Protection

We guarantee our customers highest standards in processing sensitive and non-sensitive data.

We provide world-class procedures in relation to data protection, bank-level office security and IT support with 24-hour monitoring.

Experienced Professionals

The senior leadership’s expertise ensures that APOG can get up to speed quickly and integrate easily.

Founded by former Swiss bank executives, APOG is located in Poland, Europe’s centre for high-value outsourced services.

Simple Pricing Model

Low set up costs with simple pricing models and short implementation period.

Access to highly skilled and cost-effective personnel in Poland.

Our mission and values

We believe that pillar of the outsourcing is a customer trust. Brand name and reputation are at stake when the business does not ensure it is compliant with regulations that includes privacy program framework, cross-border rules and contractual safeguards.

We do not take any risk in engaging in the business that we are not able to adequately protect and deliver.


We are proud to have in our professional experience corporate culture insight that have imprinted the core value in the way we conduct the business. Awareness is a baseline for daily duties we perform.

Our mission is to constantly train people on the awareness of the sensitive tasks they are entrusted to complete. With tone from the top, we hold employees accountable for following internal policies and procedures that make the organization integrated engine with clearly defined mission and values.